I got home at 2:15 this morning.  That used to not be a big deal, even in the past few months, but I was pretty tired towards the end of the day today.  In fact, Billy and Cyra came over for dinner and Thursday night TV (which ended up being reruns) and I think I pretty much fell asleep while they were still here.  If I didn’t fall asleep, I was barely conscious.

Not a huge day other than that.  There’s been a bit of a runaround as to who’s calling some shots with one of the websites we manage, but I had a meeting today that cleared things up nicely, which I was glad of.  We might have even made a new connection out of it.

Speaking of new connections, having bought that other web design business is starting to pay off.  We’ve had a few leads come in from it, including one that I’m thinking should be a pretty nice website.  On top of that, we’ve had several of the past clients from it call us for updates lately.

After that meeting I stopped by Kevin Millard’s place to drop off a lens he let me borrow yesterday.  I forgot to mention that, but on my way home from yesterday’s meeting I met up with him and borrowed a 70-200 2.8 lens from him, which is very good for shooting basketball games.  Amanda ended up convincing me not to take it though, since I’d have to be very wary of carting around a $1200 lens, not to mention that it might get unwieldy after a while.  Oh well.

Going back to dinner, Amanda made a dish we’d had at the Warkentiens’ before.  It was ham, potatoes and asparagus.  Quite good, and oddly my pee didn’t smell funny afterward I ate it.

Milly seem really amused by Billy tonight.  She was laughing at him some, but the best part was when she dragged herself over to him and got him to pick her up, then burped and spit up a little (just on her chin) at him after he seemed to get comfortable with her.

Zach Dotsey