Seth and I talked a lot a couple days ago, as we spent about five hours in a car driving back and forth from Wilmington and Durham in the span of nine hours.  One of the things he mentioned was that his wife, Dana, enjoyed playing games, so I invited them over to check out Puerto Rico.  Amy Warkentien was working tonight, but you can play with up to five players so we invited Nick over as well.

Nick and Eli showed up around 6:00 and the Hollomans arrived, sans Gavin, who was staying with his grandparents, around 7:30.  They’d have been earlier but they had a bit of a time with Gavin.  Anyway, they brought some pizza from Elizabeth’s (thanks, Mr. Holloman!) and after the babies went to bed we introduced them to the wonder that is the game of Puerto Rico, which I’m still not going to bother trying to explain on here.

Seth picked up on the game pretty quickly.  Dana ended up getting it too, but it took her a little bit longer.  Despite that, she tied Nick for first place in Victory Points, although Nick ended up winning because he had more money left over.  Amanda was after them then Seth and I tied for last, though Seth was true last because I had more dubloons.

Seth definitely seemed to like it, and I think Dana did too.

Work was, as it has been and continues to be, ridiculously busy.  Despite that I took an extended lunch break and we (Amanda, Milly and I) took a trip to see the Kays.  Specifically, we went to go meet Felix James Kay, who was born last week and was just about the same size and weight as Milly, though he didn’t cook quite as long as she did.  He definitely looks more like his momma, Mia (get it- Mama Mia!) at this point.

He’s so tiny!  It’s funny what a big kid seeing such a new baby makes Milly seem like, when really she’s still so young and (relatively, of course) unadvanced.

Speaking of advances, I realized yesterday that Milly has two teeth coming in, not just the one.  And yeah, it continues to play havoc on her eating and sleep schedule.  Much fun.

The nation, including a great swath of North Carolina, is supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow or something.  Not happening here in Wilmington, though we should get some cold and some rain, which will probably result in some cold rain.

Zach Dotsey