Milly woke up a couple times last night, I want to say around 2:30 and 5:00.  This whole teething thing is not the most fun.  She seems to be getting through it though.  She was less fussy overall today and she ate really well.  We stepped her down to four ounces recently because she wasn’t drinking all of her formula, but I gave her five this evening and she gulped it down.  Maybe we’ll get back to six tomorrow.

Amanda went out a couple times today.  She went to the mall to spend a gift card and to see if she could find any baby Duke gear.  She said the manager at Hibbet was a little rude when she asked him about Duke stuff.  Of course, even though Carolina’s having a down year they and Sports FanAttic have plenty of Tar Heel gear.

Amanda ended up finding some Duke-ish shorts and socks then picked up a three pack of white baby t-shirts.  When she got home she remembered some iron-on letters that we’ve got, so she put D-U-K-E on one of the shirts and made Milly a Duke outfit.

Unfortunately, Milly’s outfit did absolutely no good in Duke’s game at Georgetown today.  My Blue Devils did a terrible job on defense giving up a ridiculous percentage of shots, with turnovers and with their own cold shooting.  A little run in the last minute got the final score down to a respectable (given how the rest of the game went) 12 point loss.  It was bad.

Amanda went back out this evening to meet up with Sarah Nowak and Jenny Cain for dinner at Olive Garden, a small group girls’ night out.  Mia would have gone, but she has a brand new baby and all.  Christy Sikes, who used to be in the small group, was going to go too, but I think she expressed some concern about the weather.

Speaking of the weather, it was COLD today.  It snowed pretty much everywhere in North Carolina (and much of the country) but here in Wilmington.  Well, Richlands didn’t get snow but I hear it was icy.

Zach Dotsey