Lately Amanda has been thinking of ways to make it easier for me to both work and watch Milly at the same time.  Her first idea was to move a desk to right outside of the nursery, which wasn’t a bad idea.  Today she mentioned another idea though, and that was to switch the guest room and the office.  She mentioned this as we were walking in the house after church.  When I went to take a nap after breakfast (more of a brunch, really) and she said she was going to start picking up things in the office, I should have known my day was over.

Yes, we spent the entire rest of the day moving things in and out of both rooms.  It was like one of those puzzle games where you have to move pieces around in order to get everything to fit right.

On top of all the moving, we also pulled up the carpet in the former office.  We’ve talked about doing that for quite a while because Bruce has made a habit of going in there when he doesn’t feel like going outside to do his business, and as much as we don’t notice him doing it, it’s added up a bit.  Hopefully we can keep Bruce out of the new office.  He only likes to go on carpets and rugs.

Amanda had an idea to paint the concrete floor below the carpet, but to our surprise it was already painted for some reason.  It’s not perfect as there are a lot of glue spots where the carpet pad was put down, but it is nicer than the stained carpet we had before.  Still though, I think we’d eventually like to extend the bamboo flooring from the living room and hallway on into there.  We might even have almost enough left over from when we did the floors before.

Eventually we got things switched and cleaned up, although there’s a good bit of stuff on my desk still to be put away and a few things here and there that we need to find places for.  It’s nice though.  I set my desk up to look out over the room and we’ve got a good bit of open space.  It will allow Milly to move around and play with pretty much whatever she wants without being able to get into things she shouldn’t.  We also set up our mammoth old TV in there and there’s plenty of room for Rock Band and the like.

Speaking of Milly, she seemed to do much better today.  She was back to her old self for the most part and actually kept herself entertained for most of the time Amanda and I were working.  We’ve decided to try to start spreading out her feedings as of today too, so hopefully that will go well.

Once we got everything off the floor in the new office Amanda vacuumed.  The noise surprised and I think scared Milly a little.  It was so cute though, she kind of leaned into my chest and let me wrap her up really tight.  It was sad, but it was also so damn sweet.

In other Milly news, she moved up to the next level in Grow Zone at church today.  She’s just moving around too much not to.  We stopped by her old room to let them say goodbye to her.

The service itself was pretty cool today.  It’s a focus on the book of Jonah, and I always really dig the in-depth look at Old Testament books.  One big point that Mike Ashcraft, the preacher, made today was that anytime someone mentions Jonah, all you think of is Jonah and the whale, but that’s really such a short part of an already short book.  The story as Mike said, should be Jonah and the God.

Also at PC3 today, Micah, who is in the band Rio Bravo with Christian, Hannah’s boyfriend (who was on drums today) was with the band today and lead a song or two.  I thought he did an awesome job.

Towards the end of the work Amanda and I put in today, I decided to make sure the desktop computer was set up properly and that it was connected to the internet by checking out today’s basketball schedules and I saw that Carolina was playing.  I decided to turn the game on after Amanda and I put Milly to bed and was surprised to see that the Heels were down by a few at home with a few minutes left in the first half.  I was intrigued, but Amanda didn’t feel like watching it and wanted to catch up on some shows on the DVR so we watched Fringe.  Once that was over I put the game back on to see how it was going.

Let me tell you about Virginia.  They have a new coach this year.  The Cavaliers were picked to finish last in the ACC, but they were actually on top for a little while.  (Duke’s actually there now.  Boo-yah!)  Anyway, when we started watching the game again, the second half was about halfway through and the Heels were down by 20!  It made me laugh and made me feel a bit better about Duke’s loss yesterday when the final score was 75-60.  It wouldn’t even have been that close but for a few offensive lapses by UVa at the end.

After that went off, (mostly) Amanda and I worked on getting making an ABC book for Milly on Shutterfly.  We got a $20 credit for the website when we got Milly’s Santa picture and had put off using it until yesterday, but we got in gear because it expired at the end of the day today.  We had everything done, but it wouldn’t put the order through because of errors, most of them being typos because, in a book of ABCs, single letters were marked as typos, so we ended up having to go through every single page and tell it to accept the letters.  It came right down to the literal last minute with us making corrections and putting in the coupon code.  The book won’t be perfect, but it should be pretty good.

I talked to my dad and Uncle Roy today.  They got about six inches of snow in Rougemont and Roxboro Road, a pretty major highway connecting Durham and Roxboro, wasn’t cleared yet.  They were making pancakes.

Incidentally, I made French toast this morning and it was quite good.  Amanda accidentally dropped the lid of the butter container in the stove and a lot of it melted onto the floor of the stove pretty quickly.  She was very mad at herself for it.

Zach Dotsey