This Monday was unlike the majority of Mondays.  In my new office, Milly had room to crawl around and entertain herself while I could work but still keep an eye on her.  Success!

My mother-in-law, Karen Mercer, came by after a dental appointment this evening and brought some Elizabeth’s Pizza with her for dinner.  Amanda rushed home to do some picking up, which I would have done during the day had I the time for it.  The house was in a bit of disarray since we’d spent almost all of yesterday focused on switching out the two rooms.

Karen stuck around for a little while then took off.  Amanda and I watched a couple episodes of Fringe and caught up on the show.  The last episode we watched left an unanswered question, which was:  Why was the Nazi guy still so young?  I was left wondering if that was something they’d come back to later or if it was just something they were going to leave out there for people to ponder forever, which is kind of a cool thing.

After that I struggled to stay awake, which I think irritated Amanda a little.  We’ve got a good bit of stuff on the DVR and TV season is kicking back up.  The premiere of the final season of Lost is tomorrow!  I don’t know if we’ll be able to watch it tomorrow night though because it’ll be two hours (plus the one hours recap show that I don’t think we’ll watch) and we’ve got small group.

Zach Dotsey