After small group tonight Amanda and I came home to watch Lost.  Even though it was on past Amanda’s bedtime, she stayed up to watch it.  So here is the rundown of some of my initial thoughts.

  • Juliette’s message to Sawyer (“It worked”) seems to obviously mean that the bomb worked, but how did she know?
  • The bomb did work, because we’re now seeing the reality where the plane didn’t crash.
  • But we’re also seeing a continuation of the reality where the plane did crash, meaning reality split.
  • Desmond and Jack’s dad’s body disappeared from the plane.  What’s that mean?
  • Sawyer is going to try to rip off Hurley.
  • More Others?  Other Others?
  • The spring water was dirty.  Was the because Jacob had been killed?
  • Sayid was definitely dead, so I think he’s now Jacob.  Maybe the spring water will clear up next episode.

All in all it was a good episode, and I’m glad the show is back.  Time for some answers, although I’ve heard that some people will be upset with the finale so I’m guessing not everything will be answered.

Milly woke up two or three times last night.  We changed her feeding schedule on Sunday and she seems to have adapted well enough to it.  Maybe the problem is that I’m used to getting her up from naps at feeding time and she slept too much yesterday.  I made sure to get her up at normal times today.

Amanda had lunch with her grandparents (who later came by the house) and at least Anna and Kirsten from the Frazelle crew today after work.  Kirsten was disappointed that Milly wasn’t with her, but was looking forward to babysitting tonight.  It’s been a few weeks since Kirsten has watched Milly and she’s changed a good bit in that time.  After we got home from small group Kirsten said that Milly had been great.

Small group went well tonight.  We went through the chapter pretty fast and got off topic a bit more than usual even, but it was fun.  We had it over at the Kays’ house and got to see little Felix.  He hung out with us all pretty much the whole time, even if he was sleeping through most of it.

Zach Dotsey