I was up at 6:00 and ready, after showering and everything, at 6:15.  Now, to be fair, the alarm clock by the bed is, I think, four minutes fast, so it actually took me 19 minutes.  I still think that’s pretty good.  Nick swung by the house at 6:25 and we were off to Port City Community Church.  I was running a camera today, and I think it was a pretty good time.  Joey Connolley was directing.

I sat with Amanda at the 11:00 service after I finished my camera volunteering and went to get Milly from Grow Zone.  I was the first or second person in there and was surprised to see Milly crying and being comforted out in the hall.  The person who had her said she thought there might have just been a bit too much going on for her since she just graduated to the Cruisers room, which may be true but she had done fine last week at the 9:00 service.  My guess is that she hadn’t had a nap, and indeed when she was crying in the car it was a very tired-sounding cry.  In fact, when we got home I just took the car seat upstairs and let her stat asleep in it.  She was out.

Another note about Grow Zone- when Amanda and I went to drop her off a lady in the first room, where she has almost always been up to now, saw her coming and cried out excitedly, “Milly!” and did a little skip to come get her.  It was so touching that she enjoys watching my baby so much, and I felt sad to tell her that Milly wasn’t going to be in that room anymore.

I talked to my sister, Erin Dotsey, for a little bit today.  Her birthday is this coming week and she was hoping, despite the short notice, that we’d be able to make it to Rougemont this weekend to celebrate it.  She sounded really excited when I told her we’d be there.

Amanda and I killed some time watching stuff on the DVR to kill time until we got to watch Maryland massacre Carolina.  That was really fun to watch.  Carolina has now lost six of their last seven (and seven of their last nine) games.  And while I was happy to see them disheartened yet again, Maryland is still sitting back just one game behind Duke for the top of the ACC and Carolina is due a win at some point.  Their next game is against Duke at the Dean Dome and while Duke should win going away, you just never know with these two.  I was confidant about Maryland beating the Heels, but I had no real investment in that one.

Nick and Amy came over later to watch the Super Bowl.  I joked that I forgot Nick was there, because he was messing with his laptop sitting by himself on the love seat the whole time while the rest of us sat on the couch and watched the game.  None of us really cared all that much, to be honest.  The Colts threw two key interceptions that cost them the game, letting the Saints win the Super Bowl in their first Super Bowl appearance, if I remember correctly.

The Super Bowl’s a big deal and all, but all day I was looking forward to the UMD-UNC game more.

Zach Dotsey

Up at 6, ready at 6:15.  Nick picked me up for church.  Really enjoyed doing cameras today.

Got Milly from GZ after 11:00 service.  Was in hall, crying.  Hadn’t eaten much early and was seemed tired.

Talked to Erin.

Watched some TV then Carolina get killed by Maryland.

Nick and Amy came over for Super Bowl.