Milly woke up early today, and when I went into the nursery to try to put her back to sleep I realized that she was completely awake.  She was very happy to see me and when I put my hands out to her she actually pulled herself up all the way to her feet!  Milly’s first stand.

I decided I’d give her a bath since she was up so early and she enjoys taking baths.  Basically I wanted to make sure she stayed happy until it was time to feed her, and she was happy for a while.  Once I started working though, she was not too happy.  Since she had gotten up early I put her to bed a little earlier than usual and she seemed to be fine with that.  I got her up at noon like usual and while she was already awake when I went back up there, she was nice and content, just crawling around in the crib.

She was a bit needy today.  She keeps trying to crawl over behind my desk where there are lots of cords for her to play with, so I set up a few things to block her and she ended up crawling under the papasan to come back there anyway.  Another time she was heading back that way again and I thought to myself, “She’s just coming back here to play with cords and such.”  To test that theory, I stepped out from behind the desk and sat in the middle of the room and, to my surprise, she turned around and crawled over to me (and climbed up onto her feet again using me as her prop).

I worked until about 8:00 tonight.  Amanda was kind enough to slip me some dinner while I was on the phone with a client.  I finished up in time to help a little bit with putting Milly to bed then I watched How I Met Your Mother with Amanda.  I sort of watched an episode of Ghost Hunters International but I dozed off for most of it, then we watched Big Bang Theory before she went to bed.  I was revitalized by my nap and stayed up to catch this website up and half-watch a few shows on History International.  I should have watched Texas get beat by Kansas.  Both teams were #1 earlier in the season and Kansas is again, but Texas has since been slipping and Kansas seems to have won pretty handily.

The first Duke-UNC game is gaining some steam.  I’m nervous but cautiously optimistic.

Zach Dotsey