Work has been full of a bunch of small update things that I do, thinking that I can knock them out then move on to the big things that need to be done.  Unfortunately, it seems like every time I finish up the small stuff, more small stuff comes in.  So today I made a list of all the things that needed to be done and put them in order.  Hopefully this system will work out alright.  We’ve got five or six sites, whether transfers, redesigns or new designs, that went live in the last couple work days or should be going live by the end of the week.

Milly was good for me today, so that helped.  I didn’t have to put her down for a nap until almost 10:00.  She rarely makes it that long before getting tired and fussy.

Anna came over a few minutes early to drop Kirsten off to babysit Milly tonight because she wanted to come in and see her too.  Kirsten told us that Milly did great for her, although she sneezed a few times while feeding her, which always makes a mess.

Small group was fun tonight.  The reading was several chapters in Romans, but the discussion questions didn’t take all that long and so we spent a good bit of the night talking and joking around.

After we got home Amanda and I watched Lost then she went to bed.  Milly woke up and cried briefly.  The positive to that is that I got to tell her goodnight.

Duke and Carolina play tomorrow.  I hope I’ll be able to focus on work at least a little.

Zach Dotsey