Amanda got home a bit later than usual from work today.  They went out to lunch for Charity’s birthday.  She called to make sure Milly was manageable first and asked if I minded.  She also stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things, which is good because I’ve had cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner a fair bit lately.

I asked Amanda a couple days ago what she thought about making it a point to make a cleaning schedule for each day she gets home early.  She started today, cleaning up the kitchen and putting up a couple loads of laundry.

Speaking of laundry, I discovered this morning that Bruce had peed on Milly’s play mat, and as I was loading it and some other stuff into dryer, I noticed that the stuff in the dryer smelled funny.  Apparently our cat, Cobb, who used to pee on clothes in the closet until we made it so he couldn’t open the sliding door to get in there, found that there are clothes he can pee on in the dryer if the dryer door is left open for him.  So I had to wash a recently-washed load of towels to boot.

Kirsten got here a little bit earlier than usual to babysit the Millster.  Milly was playing in her fortress when Kirsten got here and was excited to see her.

I’m enjoying small group.  We don’t always have the best discussions, but I really enjoy the people in it.

After we got home Amanda went on to bed and I watched the second half of Carolina getting stomped at Georgia Tech.  Carolina has 21 points in the first half, compared to Georgia Tech’s 41.  I think at some point in the second half the Heels had more turnovers for the game than they did made shots and were shooting somewhere around 20%.  The Yellow Jackets won 68-51, which was nice to see.

After that I watched Kentucky beat Mississippi State in overtime.  I hate to say it, but there were some game changingly bad calls.  UK won 81-75 with a little bit of free throw inflation.

Zach Dotsey