For some reason, Duke seems to have trouble playing in away games.  They tend to shoot poorly and the other teams shoot better than their average.  The difference between Duke playing at home in Cameron Indoor Stadium versus them playing at an opponent’s court is just mind boggling.  That was true tonight as well,for one half.

The Blue Devils traveled down to Miami and scored 25 points in the first half to Miami’s 37.   Then something changed.  Coach K must have pushed some buttons or something because Duke came out on a tear and scored 57 points in the second half while Miami matched their first half score.  The final was 81-74.  Brian Zoubek had another nice game and Kyle Singler lead the Blue Devils in points.  Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer were very quiet in the first half but came alive in the second.  One other nice thing is that everyone got to play tonight.  The Plumlee brothers see the court regularly, but Andre Dawkins came in and made a three and Ryan Kelly got some minutes.  While he didn’t score, he had some nice assists to Zoubek down low.

Milly was in a good mood today.  She was pretty easy to watch and interacted with Amanda and me a lot.  She was also very talkative and it was easy to make her laugh.  I pointed out to Amanda today that I think he face is starting to thin out and she’s starting to look older.  Older for a baby anyway.

One thing she needs to work on is finishing her bottle.  Now that she’s so mobile she gets distracted easily when we’re feeding her and she likes to forget the bottle and go do different things.  We’ve been spoiled by the fact that Milly has been able to bottle-feed herself for months now, but we’re having to hold her to try to get her to drink at least half of her bottle.  The leftovers get mixed with oatmeal or rice cereal and baby food, and she does eat most of that so it doesn’t all go to waste.

Zach Dotsey