I am so close to being caught up at work!  it’s such a great feeling.

In other nice news, Milly seemed to be very happy today.  She has been quite a bit lately.  I think she’s just getting more and more interactive and expressive and just enjoys everything.

Amanda, Milly and I went over to Seth and Dana Holloman’s tonight to play some Puerto Rico.  We got there right at 7:30 and fed Milly then put her to bed.  As is usual lately, she was very distracted by things going on around her and it took her a while to drink her bottle.  Gavin, Seth and Dana’s son, was very sweet with her and told her he loved her when we took her off to bed.  She cried a little, but she hadn’t napped this afternoon so she fell asleep pretty quickly.

After Gavin went down the four of us played Puerto Rico.  Amanda won the first game, followed by Dana, then Seth with me losing out.  I knew I wasn’t doing well.  We played a second game and it seemed to go faster.  We all thought Amanda was going to win again, probably because she had enough dubloons (or “dublins”, as Dana likes to call them) to buy anything she wanted.  I thought I was going to lose again, but to my surprise I actually won.  In fact, the winning order was completely backwards from the first game, going me, Seth, Dana, Amanda.  I think they were only one point removed from each other and I only had a couple more points than Seth.  What won it for me was having a combination of the Harbor and the Wharf with enough resources coming in to ship out a good amount of them each Captain phase.

I know that makes no sense to most of you.  Puerto Rico is an awesome game though.  If you get a chance, play it at least twice.  Usually you know most of what you’re doing by the second time around.

In less happy news, a dude crashed his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas today.  He left a message on his website about being displeased with the IRS and some other government agencies, or something to that effect.  Two people died, two were seriously injured and a number had minor injuries.  I can understand people being upset with the IRS, but the crazy thing is that on the comments section of the article on CNN.com, some people were praising his actions, which is terrible.

Zach Dotsey