This week went by pretty fast but today seemed to go pretty slow.  I got done most of what I wanted to get done, and it felt great not to feel as rushed as I’ve felt the past few weeks.

Amanda kept herself pretty busy today.  On top of keeping up with Milly she did a lot of cleaning today plus some household shopping and cooking.

Amanda’s mom’s birthday is Sunday and her sister, Anna Frazelle, has some sort of surprise lined up for her and for Amanda (an early birthday present) tomorrow.  Karen came here this evening with plans to stay the night and watch Milly while Amanda and I went out to eat, but we surprised her by having dinner for her.  Amanda’s dad, Phil, came without Karen knowing (although he showed up before she even got in the house) and Michael and Jenn arrived just a few minutes later.

Milly was hardly left alone, which she didn’t mind.  We ate dinner and cupcakes and Phil left to go back to Richlands while Milly was (not really) eating her dinner.  The rest of us played Puerto Rico after we got Milly down to sleep.  Amanda won by six points.  Michael (and Jenn, who wasn’t really playing but was ostensibly on Michael’s team) and I tied, but I had more money so I won the tiebreaker, leaving Karen in last place.

Zach Dotsey