It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today.  I honestly don’t think a guy could ask for a better mother-in-law than the one I’ve got.  Happy birthday, Karen!

One thing I forgot to mention about yesterday is that my laptop died.  Now, the battery’s been unable to hold a charge for a while now, so I’m thinking the problem is just that my power adapter is dead.  I really hope that’s the case because I’ve got this month’s pictures on there, not to mention a few months’ worth of videos.  I was going to buy a new adapter, but Amanda reminded me that the Nowaks had the same laptop as mine, so Mike, who said he found a spare adapter, said he’d bring that to small group on Tuesday.  If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll just need to load the hard drive into an external case and get what I can off of it.

Aside from all that though, Amanda also convinced me that it just might be time for a new laptop, so after church and a brunch at Atlanta Bread we stopped by Best Buy to look at some.  We signed up for a Best Buy credit card to get 18 month no interest, then before I could pick one out Milly started getting fussy so we went home then I came back out myself a little later.  I decided to make sure not to get a Hewlett-Packard since my last two laptops were HP’s and I’ve had issues with them.  After doing some research and talking to Adam (my brother) and a couple people at Best Buy I decided to get a Toshiba Satellite A505.  It’s got a good bit of processing power and 4 gigs of RAM, but what really put me over with it was the fact that it has an actual video card in it.  I spent most of the rest of the day getting rid of a lot of the pre-installed crap and adding back on the things I need for work and such.  It really does run so much better though.  It takes no time at all to load Photoshop, much less use it.  It’s very smooth.

Once I got back from picking up my birthday present (which is how we justified getting it) Amanda went out to Old Navy to pick up some shoes for Milly.  Of course, she got a few other things as well.

Speaking of Milly’s shoes, that reminds me what a time we had getting to church this morning.  Long story short, we couldn’t find shoes for Milly and we ended up forgetting the diaper bag.  It was a fun morning.  Milly did better at Grow Zone today though.  We put her back in the baby room and when I went to go get her she was wrapped around Chris Sikes’ mom sleeping.  She was precious.  I was told that Milly told them that even if she was 12 years old, she wanted to be in that room every Sunday.

This evening Amanda and I watched Duke battle it out against Virginia Tech.  My Blue Devils built an 11 point lead in the second half but finished up with just a five point lead going into halftime.  The offense was pretty stinky again tonight, though Singler and Smith quietly managed to score north of 20 points, but the big story was Brian Zoubek’s 16 rebounds.  The game stayed pretty close but Duke ended up winning 67-55 on a nice late run.

Zach Dotsey