Milly was really good today.  She napped a pretty fair bit, which allowed me to get quite a bit done.  I’m not as swamped as I was even a week ago, but there’s still work to do.  Even when she was up though, she was pretty good.  It’s so easy to make her laugh, and that’s my favorite sound in the world.  She was very talkative all day too, mostly saying, “Mamamama.”  She’d look right at me and it was like she was calling me “Mama,” but I just could not get her to get that D sound going.

It was my first day or work with the new laptop.  I had just about everything I need for work set up yesterday, but I still had a few tweaks to take care of.  No major issues.

It felt really nice outside this morning.  It reminded me for some reason of waiting for the school bus on a cool morning.

Amanda thinks she might be getting sick.  Hopefully not.

Zach Dotsey