Usually when I’m feeding Milly and I have to go away from her in her high chair for a minute, like to fix the food or rinse out a bowl or something, I’ll give her a few puffs to occupy her time.  I leaned down near her face when I got back to her this morning, and she had two puffs in her hand.  She stuck her arm out so I took a puff with my mouth.  The next one, though, she specifically put in my mouth, and she seemed pretty entertained by it.

Harvey’s been licking his foot a lot lately and it looks like one of his nails (claws?) has split or something.  Amanda finally called the vet today and they knew exactly what was going on when she started describing it.  She’s taking him by Dineen tomorrow afternoon.

When Kirsten came over to watch Milly tonight Amanda told her that Milly had bigger nipples, or maybe she said we gave Milly new nipples.  Either way, she was talking about putting nipples with larger holes on the bottles, but she should have mentioned the word “bottle” somewhere.

Amanda and I stopped by Sam’s to pick up some soap and Similac on the way to small group.  At the checkout line I was talking about how cool it was that Milly can be made to laugh so hard by smacking her in the face with a pair of folded socks, then I hit Amanda with my jacket sleeve, which made her laugh a little.  Then I saw a gift card with a Thomas Kinkade picture on it and I remarked how amazing it was that he could paint something like that on such a small card.  For some reason that struck Amanda as really funny, like the long, silent laughs where you keel over or need to lean on something.  I don’t know if it was just that or that way I kept looking at the gift card in wonder or the fact that I kept moving slightly to be obnoxiously close to her or what, but for some reason she was just beyond tickled.  The lady in line behind us even told her to be careful she didn’t split wide open.  Whatever the deal was, I really enjoyed it.

Small group was pretty fun tonight.  We got to talk about the two things you’re not supposed to talk about: politics and religion.  Mike had been waiting for this chapter for a while.  On top of that, Joel and Mia were pretty entertaining.  I don’t know what exactly happened but there was some confusion in feeding Felix (who seems to have already gotten longer) and they both ended up in the kitchen.  There was some sort of crash or splash noise then Joel saying, “Mia!” then another splash noise.  The second splash noise was a cup of coffee being knocked over.  You had to be there though- it was one of those things where everything seemed to be going wrong and then it all reached a climax and everybody just had to laugh.

The ladies discussed going out some time next month and possibly putting together a mom’s small group.  Sarah’s in one now.

I’m pretty tired right now, but I think I’m going to do a bit of work.  There were a couple things I wanted to get done that didn’t get done today.  It was a good day though, as I had a (successful) meeting with a company from Hampstead.  We met at the Port City Java in Porter’s Neck, but it was nice out so we didn’t even go in.

Zach Dotsey