Amanda let Harvey out the back door this evening and watched three squirrels scamper around on a tree branch at the far corner of our yard.  One fell out of the tree and Harvey was on it.  From what Amanda said, I think the squirrel ran under the shed then came back out to try to get back up the tree, but Harvey grabbed it.  Amanda shouted for me and I ran outside yelling at Harvey, who came back in with a little blood on his front left leg.  We were later told that sometimes when squirrels fall they spit up blood, which may have been the case because we didn’t see any blood on Harvey’s mouth, the ground or the squirrel.

The squirrel itself was alive and able to pull itself some, but the back legs looked smashed.  We didn’t want to leave it out there because Harvey would head right back for it, and we felt bad for it anyway.  Amanda called the vet and they gave us the number of someone who actually rehabs squirrels.  The husband was in town and came by to pick it up.  Amanda and I put a couple old shirts in a diaper box from the pile of recycling that we’ve meant to take for the past couple days and were able to scoop it into that.  He looked it over and told us that it was a female and she hadn’t had any babies yet.  So if you’re in need of someone to rescue a squirrel, check out

Amy Warkentien locked herself out of the Warkentien truck at Lowe’s Food this afternoon.  She was going to walk over to our house, which isn’t far, but she’d have had Eli, a car seat and her groceries with her.  Amanda was about to take Harvey to the vet but picked Amy and Eli up and brought them back to the house first.  It worked out well for me because Milly was needy for attention this afternoon and Amy was able to give her some.  It didn’t work out well for our ceramic candle holder though.  C’est la vie.  That thing has come close to being knocked over so many times by the dogs.  I guess it was a matter of time before one of them or, as in this case, a baby, knocked it over.

The vet said Harvey’s paw or claw was split all the way back and infected.  They gave us some stuff for it and told us to keep it clean and not let him lick it.  He came home with a cone on his head, which had him very depressed.  We took it off a few times, but he kept licking his paw so we kept having to put it back on.  He’s really not a fan.

Milly and I got into it this morning.  She drank an ounce and a quarter in 20 minutes.  I finally got her to drink all but about an ounce and a half or two that I mixed into oatmeal for her, but man was it a struggle to get her to eat!  Funny thing is, she seems to enjoy being spoon-fed.  She just seems to be over the whole bottle thing.

Zach Dotsey