We decided on going to The Oceanic for breakfast this morning.  Three of us ordered the French toast but Amanda decided to be different and ordered eggs Benedict.  Milly and Graelyn were both very good, though Milly has gotten to the stage where she thinks it’s fun to drop something on the floor and watch you pick it up for her… repeatedly.

When we got home I dozed a bit, and I think Ben did too.  Other than that he and Jessica got things ready to go and took off around 1 or 1:30 I think.  It was so great to be able to spend the weekend with them.  I we talked about getting them down here again in July.

Amanda and I watched a bit of TV and I played some Empire Total War, which runs so much better on the new laptop than it did the last laptop or the desktop.  Around 6:30 I ran out to the store to return District 9 and pick up a couple things from the grocery store, but the Redbox machine was out, so I went to Wal-Mart to do that and pick up a couple things I hadn’t already gotten (since I bought the other stuff before remembering that I needed to return the movie).

Wally World was fine until I got to the checkout line.  I know it tends to get busy on Sunday nights, but I have never seen such long lines at Wal-Mart.  I literally waited 20 minutes to buy dish detergent, baby oatmeal and some puffs.  What got me really irritated is that I, of course, picked a slow-moving express lane, which I dealt with okay, but then they opened up a lane next to mine when I was the next person in line.  That would have been fine too, but the people in front of me had a bunch of items (the express lane being for people with 20 items or less) and took forever.  And by the time I noticed the next lane over was open, literally everybody behind me had already shifted over to it.  It just really irritated me, particularly since I was expecting to be gone for ten minutes tops and I ended up being gone for over an hour, a good chunk of it wasted waiting in line.  I would have just returned the movie and left, but I didn’t notice the line until I’d gotten my stuff already.

The rest of the night was better though.  Milly was happy to see me when I got home and the Duke game at Virginia was about to come on.  Amanda warmed me up some steak and green beans while I fed Milly then we watched the first half together.  Amanda was beat, so she went to bed at the half.  Duke had a good lead at that point already, having started on a 20-4 run.  There were mostly bench players on the court for the Blue Devils with about eight minutes left in the game and by the end it was all bench and reserves.

Duke won it 67-49, though the game wasn’t even that close since, like I said, the starters were out for a good portion of the second half.  I’ll give Virginia some credit though- they were without their star player, Sylven Landesberg.  Still, it was a good win for Duke, especially on a weekend where so many top teams got beat.  Purdue, which is ranked third, also lost.  They’re down their key player, Robbie Hummel, also, but he’s expected to be out for the season.  This should move Duke to the top four and, if they win out against Maryland and UNC, they should be getting a one seed in the NCAA Tournament.  Really though, they’ve got the same record as the Boilermakers along with a better RPI and strength of schedule, so they should probably have already been in that spot, but whatevs.

Zach Dotsey