Milly was generally happy today.  A little clingy, but pretty happy.

Work went pretty well, except for one snag involving an exception to my first sentence there.  I’d just gotten off a pretty long phone call and had just gotten Milly up from a nap.  She was wet and in need of a diaper change.  I needed to call a couple people back, and there was one of them that I knew wouldn’t be bothered by hearing a little bit of Milly in the background.  At the same time, Kevin Millard was coming by to bounce some website ideas off my head.  I’d told him I’d probably be on the phone and to just come on it.

So that was the scene.  I was on the phone wiping Milly when Kevin walked in.  Bruce, as he will sometimes, but not usually, do, started barking like mad at Kevin.  I asked the client on the phone to hold on, put it on mute and went to try to calm Bruce down.  He ran away.  At the same time, as I was going to get Bruce Milly, I guess because I left her, started crying as if something had bitten her.  I tried to calm her down while talking to the client, and Kevin told me he’d have finished the diaper for me but he didn’t know how our diapers work or which was dirty and which was clean.  He was kind enough to put her in the pack & play as I went after Bruce again, since he came down the hall to remind me that Kevin was there.  I finally got him on the steps and put him outside.  At this point though, Milly was still really upset, even with me holding her, so I apologized to the client and told her we’d have to talk later.

Whew!  I was Mr. Popular for a time there, about 40 minutes or so spanning that first phone call, what with missed calls, visits and people wanting my attention.

All that aside, Milly was really cute today.  Amanda’s remarked lately how much better she can crawl around and get to her feet now.  She also drank most of six ounces of formula every feeding but her last.

After Milly went to sleep Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother, after which she watched some of The Bachelor.  She was in bed for that, but during the show they announced the contestants for the next Dancing with the Stars, one of which, she told me, is Erin Andrews.  That might get me to watch that show at least a little.  Well, at least as much as when they had Stacy Keibler on there.

Oh, happy birthday to Kristen Barriner, by the way!  I meant to call or email her about that.  Guess it’s not too late yet to say it on Facebook at least.

Zach Dotsey