Small group was great tonight.  I just thought I’d go ahead and mention that.  I don’t usually put a whole lot of detail about our small group meetings because a lot of it can be personal for people in it, but everyone shared some stories tonight, and it just felt like such a great night.  You know you’ve got a good group when people feel comfortable and trusting enough to be able to talk about deeply personal things.

The weather was nasty today.  It was cold and it rained hard.  I got to go out in that weather to pick up a check halfway across town.  The good part of that is that we were able to make some big changes we finished up a couple weeks ago for a website live.  The bad part is I had to drive through all that mess.

We had a good time this evening.  The Chick-fil-A at Mayfaire was celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by having the Cat in the Hat (or some chick dressed as him) there along with some birthday cake and balloons and the like.  Amanda and I went early and grabbed some food for ourselves and the place quickly filled up with kids.  Milly was looking all around, taking it all in.  I don’t know if she’s yet been someplace that had so much going on in such a small area.  Amanda loosely tied a balloon to her highchair and she was very entertained by that.  She was really intrigued with the Cat in the Hat once s/he made hir way over to Milly.  I think she mostly liked the red and white striped hat.

We also let Milly have some small bites of cake, a couple of them with a minuscule amount of icing on that.  Needless to say, she really liked that.

After we left Chick-fil-A we went to the Frazelle house to pick Kirsten up and bring her back to our place to babysit Milly.  Anna usually brings her, but since we were over halfway there, we didn’t see the sense in having Anna go all the way out to our house.  We hung out there for a couple minutes and Milly got passed around a bunch.

Kirsten told us that Milly was good for her tonight, which is good because I had to ask Milly why she was acting bratty this morning.  She ate her first four ounces really fast, but then refused to eat the other two ounces I made for her.  As we usually do, I made oatmeal out of the leftover formula, but she was having none of that, so I wasted a good bit of both formula and oatmeal.  She also would not hold still at all while I was trying to change a gooey poopy diaper.  But she was sweet the rest of the day.

Carolina beat Miami tonight.  Figures.  Way to build the Heels’ confidence before the Duke game, Wake and Miami!  I suppose it’s alright though.  It’ll get their hopes up before Duke (hopefully) obliterates them this Saturday.

Zach Dotsey