First off, happy birthday to my brother, Adam Dotsey, who turned 27 today!  Today also marks Milly’s nine month birthday and we noticed that her left front top tooth is poking through the gums now.

Duke beat Georgia Tech in another grinder, 65-61, to secure their ninth ACC Tournament championship in twelve seasons.  They also secured the third one seed in the NCAA Tournament.  Some are saying they’ve got an easy road to the Final Four, but some Duke fans are worried about a possible matchup with an inconsistent Louisville team.  I’m also hearing complaints about Kansas and Kentucky, the top two one seeds, having too tough of a road.

Kentucky won their conference title today, too.  I saw that it was near the end of a close game in which UK had been trailing to Mississippi State, so I switched the channel just in time to see the final sequence of regulation, where Kentucky hit a foul shot then got off a tip-in at the buzzer to tie the game.  They ended up winning in OT.

Anyway, it was another exciting day of basketball, and I talked to my dad and Uncle Roy a bit about it.  I don’t really know what to expect in the Tournament.

One thing that irritates me is that the Heels are a four seed in the NIT.  I don’t know that they deserved that, but a lot of people said the NIT would do it because they’re a draw, and they’d want to make some money.  I hope they lose in an embarrassment in the first round, which is against William & Mary.

Amanda and I helped with Grow Zone today.  We still haven’t decided what to do, what with them going to needing to volunteer every Sunday before long.  I had a lot of fun in there, playing with the kids today.  We also moved Milly back into the cruisers room, where she did fine for the first service she was in there for, but got fussy in the second one.  Fortunately, the second service is when Amanda and I volunteer, and Amanda was able to get Milly after helping sign kids in.

Adam came over for dinner tonight.  Amanda fixed the ham, potatoes, asparagus and cream cheese sauce thing and we devoured it.  Adam got to spend some good time with Milly and even helped feed her and put her down for a nap.

Zach Dotsey