I’m in a pretty good habit of editing pictures every month and putting them online.  I’ve decided I need to put some dedication into editing videos too.  I’ve got videos going back a long way that I’d like to edit down and maybe burn to DVD.  In light of that, I made one of Milly eating and making noises from a couple days ago.  It’s uploading to YouTube right now, though it won’t actually be up until tomorrow because it’s a pretty big file and takes forever to upload.  But anyway, be on the lookout for more videos coming… well, I won’t say soon, but before too long at least.

Milly was good for me today.  She has been the last few Mondays, which makes things much easier on my Mondays.  She got a bit fussy this evening though, and wouldn’t stay down for her evening nap, though she did go to sleep just fine.  I was a little worried about today because she started off crying quite a bit in the nursery real early this morning.  I think she’s still adjusting to the time change.

My back was bothering me a bit today, and Amanda was nice enough to give me a back rub before she went to bed.

Yup, that’s pretty much it today.

Zach Dotsey