Here are the videos I made yesterday.

Work seems to be slowing down a bit, but I did have three sales leads today, two from brand new leads and one from an existing client.  They all seem pretty solid, although one will probably take a little while to materialize.

Milly spent most of the day in just a diaper.  This morning she made a mess of her formula, spilling it all over a blanket and soaking her onesie.  I had some clothes picked out for her, but she wanted to move around.  I figured I’d just put them on her later, but I never really got around to it.

Amanda had a dental appointment this afternoon, so she worked a little bit late and then went to it.  There wasn’t much point in her coming all the way home then turning around about an hour later just to go about a mile from work.  She said that her hygienist forgot she was Barry’s niece and was talking about what a good person he (Barry being her boss) is.  She’s right, for the record.  Barry and Anna Frazelle are some of the best people I know.

Speaking of Frazelles, Kirsten came to babysit Milly tonight, as she usually does.  Milly seemed happy to see her, which is really cool because it means Milly is starting to remember people I think.  Kirsten later said Milly was good all night and that she was a bit more affectionate than usual.

Small group was good.  We had a new couple come check us out with their three month old boy.  They seemed to feel pretty comfortable around us I think.  We spent a lot of time getting to know them, then we finished up out last chapter in the study we’re doing on Romans.  Next week we’re going to the Nowaks’ for a social night.  We’ll be eating the cow that Mike and Sarah bought.

Zach Dotsey