Amanda and I were blessed with the opportunity to exercise our patience muscles today.  First of all, we not only hit just about every light on the way to take Milly to her nine month checkup, we were also behind people who wanted to go under the speed limit most of the way there.

Then we were at the pediatrician’s office for nearly two hours.  There was a special case of a sick kid that pushed things back, which is understandable, but it was getting past Milly’s normal nap time and we were running out of things to occupy her attention, so she was getting pretty fussy.  Even after that we had to wait a while for her to get her shot.  I hate to complain because we really like our pediatrician, but it was stressful to have to wait so long.

Things went alright for a while after that.  We stopped by Amanda’s workplace so everyone, including some who hadn’t yet seen her, could see Milly.  At one point she was standing up while just holding my hands, and when I let go she stayed up for several seconds.  It was a record time, for sure.

After that we stopped by the office of one of my clients.  She’d been wanting to meet Milly for about nine months now and this was the first good opportunity I had to do it.  She was very excited to see her and held her a bunch.  Milly didn’t go to her at first, but she warmed up quickly.  When we were leaving my client was waving goodbye to Milly and Milly waved back at her, which was another first!  She didn’t actually wave, but did the open and close palm thing that babies do.  Still, I was excited to see her do that.

Once we got home we tried to feed Milly.  She wouldn’t eat.  We tried to let her do what she wanted for a while then feed her again, which usually works, but baby just wasn’t having it.  Eventually we went ahead and put her down for a nap.  She tossed and turned and made some noise then started crying.  Eventually we realized she wasn’t going to sleep, and it would be time for her final feeding of the night soon anyway so we let her get up.  She didn’t stay happy long, so we gave her a bath, and she was once again happy, at least until we put her pajamas on.

After we had her all dried and dressed, we tried to feed her again, but she was completely uninterested in the formula.  I think she got more on the floor than in her mouth.  We finally just skipped the formula and Amanda fed her some oatmeal, which kept her happy (for the most part) until we put her to bed.  Amazingly, she let me read Goodnight, Moon without a fuss.  Of course, she was nearly out when I finished and she went to sleep just fine after that.

And that was Milly’s first St. Patrick’s Day.  She was wearing a green dress with polka dots.

Amanda and I both let out a sigh once we got downstairs.  We filled out our NCAA Tournament brackets and watched last night’s Lost to unwind.  I’d tell you my bracket, but I’ll probably change it in the morning.

Zach Dotsey