Amanda asked tonight how long it will be before she gets her husband back.  She enjoys watching basketball, but she doesn’t want to watch as much of it as I do.  There were a lot of good games on today.  It seems like almost all of them that are done so far were really close.  I’ve got five bad picks so far, two of which affect me to the Sweet 16, which isn’t too bad.  Three seed Georgetown got upset tonight by 14 seed Ohio (not Ohio State, mind you), which hurts a lot of people to the Sweet 16 and beyond, but I only had them going one round, same thing with four seed Vanderbilt and 13 seed Murray State.  Five lower seeds have advanced so far and the Big East, the conference everyone has touted as the strongest, is only 1-5 so far.

Other than basketball, what’s up?  Well, I had a meeting with Kevin Millard today to go over some website stuff, and that took up a chunk of my work day and afternoon.  Amanda was updating me on all the close games via text.  His baby, Maggie, who is just two weeks older than Milly, was really cute and interacted with me a lot.

Amanda picked up some Cookout for lunch and made some alfredo for dinner.  It didn’t turn out completely right, but it was still good.

I got up a little earlier than usual this morning and got on the Wii Fit for a bit.  I should get into the habit of that.

Oh, Milly was so much better today.  She was in a happy mood pretty much all day, excepting the times that she was really tired and ready for a nap.  She’s gotten to where she likes to open and close cabinet doors, but she doesn’t mess with the things inside the doors very much.  Mainly she just likes opening and closing the doors.  We definitely need to go ahead and put some baby proofing on them though, because eventually she does start pulling things out.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.

Zach Dotsey