My bracket ended up 10-6 last night with two of my Sweet 16 teams out, which isn’t great but it’s not terrible either.  There were some pretty good, close games today too- this has been a pretty good tournament so far.  Of course, the game I cared about most today was Duke vs. the Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions.  Duke rolled in that one 73-44.  They seemed to drive to the paint more and not focus on the perimeter much, plus a lot of players got to see time so I think they were trying not to expend too much energy on it.  They’ll meet the winner of California and Louisville on Sunday.  Cal is leading 41-30 at the half.

Work was steady today, but not crazy, which was nice.  It was really nice out and Amanda took Milly to the beach for a little while.  She let her play in the sand, which Milly enjoyed.  She apparently tasted some of it too.

Milly was overall pretty happy today.

I saw an ad for Papa John’s and decided to have some for dinner.  I was wearing a Duke shirt when the delivery guy arrived and he said he liked the shirt.  I told him there wasn’t enough appreciation for it around here.

Amanda and I watched the two hour return of Flash Forward then we went back to watching the games.

Zach Dotsey