What a good day we had today.

It started off with us picking up Nick and Eli Warkentien to grab some breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Amy was working.  Milly and Eli had a conversation going back and forth during breakfast.  One of them would make a noise then the other one would do it.  It’s like they were shouting back and forth to each other across the table.  A number of people smiled at them or stopped to talk to them.

After that we headed out to the beach for a little bit, mostly to let the babies play in the sand.  Milly did a lot of crawling around, but Eli mostly stayed in one place, picking up sand and letting it sift through his finger or piling it up in a shell.  At one point, and I wish we had recorded this, Milly was crawling past Eli and he dropped some sand on her back, picked up some more and dropped it on her head.  It was very cute and very funny.

We were out at the beach for, I don’t know, somewhere between half an hour and an hour, before Milly and Eli started getting fussy.

We dropped Nick and Eli off at their house then went home to watch basketball.  It was another pretty exciting day of the NCAA Tournament with St. Mary’s upsetting Villanova, which didn’t hurt my bracket any more than it already was since I didn’t have either team playing that slot.  Later on Northern Iowa took on top overall seeded Kansas… and WON!  The only time the Jayhwaks lead in that game at all was when it was 2-0.  They came within a bucket in the final minute, but the Panthers held on and toppled the team that pretty much everyone in the country had picked to go to at least the Final Four.

As for me, I have them beating Duke in the championship game, so even though I’ve still only got two other teams wrong in the Sweet 16, this one kills my bracket.  Then again, it should kill pretty much everyone else’s too, so that should be alright.

Kentucky outright murdered Wake Forest tonight, not that it was a surprise to me.

In NIT news the Tar Heels managed to beat Mississippi State and I think NC State lost, though I’m not entirely sure about that.  I guess the Wolfpack didn’t want to get beat a third time this season by the Heels, because they would have faced off again next round had they both won.  Unfortunately this now gives Carolina a definite winning record for the season.  Oh well, at least it’s still just the NIT.

But before all those games played out, Amy Warkentien came over.  They’re down to one functioning car right now (much like us!) and Nick was helping install a surround sound system, so Amanda worked it out with Amy that she’d take her to a jewelry party this afternoon then drop her off at work after it.

Anyway, overall we had a very nice Saturday.

Zach Dotsey