Amanda, Milly and I usually go to the 9:00 service at Port City Community Church, but today we went to the 11:00 because there was an orientation for a baby dedication service coming up.  Milly did fine in Grow Zone, and between the service and the orientation we talked to several friends.  Joel and Mia Kay, along with Felix, went to grab some smoothies and got us some as well.

I was holding Milly during the orientation and we had given her some pieces of Mum (kind of a rice wafer thing, actually called Mum Mum, but we don’t want to confuse her because that’s my mom’s grandma name) to keep her still.  Several times she bent back and looked up at me and held her arm up to share some of it with me.  It was so cute and I acted like I was eating it and thanked her, but mushy, half-eaten mum was not something I really wanted to put in my mouth.

Milly went down for a nap after we got home, which was probably around 2:00.  Considering that she hadn’t napped all day, she was doing pretty good.  There was, of course, some good basketball on, but I was nice and agreed to watch some other stuff with basketball mixed in.  Maryland lost in a down to the wire game, so I guess the Greivis Vasquez era is now at an end.

At 5:00 we went over to Seth and Dana’s to watch Duke take on Cal.  Amanda made some of her poppy seed dressing and we took some chicken and salad.  Milly made it through halftime but had to be put back down for a nap.  Amanda pointed out that her whole day was being out, sleeping, then being out some more, so she hadn’t really had any time at home and might have been out of sorts.

At any rate, Duke beat Cal 68-53 and will face Purdue in the Sweet 16.  Obviously, and especially this year, you can’t predict anything, but Duke seems to be a pretty tough matchup for Purdue.

It was a pretty good Duke win, mainly because the scoring was very spread out.  The three point shooting was terrible and Jon Scheyer is in an offensive slump, but the fact that they did win while holding a very high-scoring offense to so few points is good.  Brian Zoubek had a terrific game with 14 points and 13 boards.  In fact, in the first half Zoubek and the Plumlee brothers combined to shoot 7 of 7.  Duke’s been scoring down low more these past two games, which is great.

My bracket is terrible now, by the way.  I’ve only got two of my Final Four picks left in the tournament.

After we got home and fed Milly and put her to bed Amanda and I watched Life, a nature show similar to Planet Earth.  Amazing to look at, for sure.

Zach Dotsey