I guess Coach John Calipari will still officially have no Final Fours in his resume.  Kentucky lost to West Virginia tonight, 73-66.  The Mountaineers hit zero two-point field goals in the first half and were leading 28-26 at the half.  Kentucky shot 4-32 from outside and didn’t hit any of those until the end of the game.  They also hit 16 of 29 free throws.

This really opens things up for Duke, though I’m nervous about Baylor, and of course they’d have to win two more games after that for the NCAA championship.  The remaining teams in the NCAA Tournament are those two, Michigan State and Tennessee, who are also facing off tomorrow to see who will go to the Final Four then West Virginia and Butler, who have already made it there.

Exciting and tense times.

Speaking of tense, I’m thinking maybe I pulled something in my neck/upper back.  Maybe it’s from some time when I was tossing Milly around.

So, last night Amanda and I didn’t sleep well.  Bruce kept getting up again and Milly started crying at about 5:30 then did it again every half hour until about 6:30.  She was nice enough to let us sleep in until 9:20 to help make up for it though.

Karen treated us, as she often does when she comes for a visit, to a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  After that she got us a membership to Costco.  In part it was so she could use it, though the closest one to where she lives is here.  Other than just being really nice, I’m not sure what other reason there is.

By the time that was all taken care of Milly was in need of a nap, so she and I were dropped off at the house while Amanda and Karen went back out to buy some new pajamas for Milly.  She’s starting to outgrow all of them that she’s got.  In that time, Adam came over to show off his new car.  Really he was just looking for an excuse to get out and drive it, so after Amanda and Karen got back he and I went to Costco so he could get a few things.

Once I was back home and Adam left (Karen had taken off while I was gone) I dozed on the couch while Amanda watched some TV.  Once I woke up I watched Butler play and beat Kansas State.  Actually, I didn’t get to see the end of the game because we were heading over to Justin and Lisa Hauenstein’s baby shower, but we did listen to it on the radio.

We didn’t get to see them much as we had to leave when to get Milly in bed, but we did meet a few new people and caught up with Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon, who we haven’t seen much of in a while.  I’d been thinking of them lately.

I’d set the Kentucky game to record, but I cheated and checked the score on the way home and called Seth to talk about the game since I figured he’d been watching the whole thing.  Once we got  home I just paused it where it was while Amanda and I put Milly to bed and we caught up right at the end of the game.

Zach Dotsey