I’m still on a high about Duke going to the Final Four.  Just thought I’d mention that.

Billy and Cyra came by for dinner with Billy bringing some chili.  We were going to watch How I Met Your Mother, but it wasn’t new, which I informed them all of at about 8:15 (the show comes on at 8:00) after checking the guide when I noticed that the DVR wasn’t recording anything.  So we just hung out, ate and watched some YouTube videos.

We did have chocolate chip cookies for dessert and I said something about dipping mine in the chili.  Billy challenged me on it, so I did it.  Honestly, it was pretty good, which I did not think would be the case at all.  I’ve decided to call it a chilookie.

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but Milly has, up to last night, continued this “wake up at 4:00 then every half hour or so after for a while” thing lately.  She’s also waking up a little earlier from her first nap of the day, though she’s oddly going down for that nap earlier as well.  We think maybe she’s hitting a growth spurt maybe, or perhaps it’s time to step up her feeding.

Today wasn’t too bad.  Milly wakes up clingy but then she entertains herself pretty well for a while.

Amanda did a bit of cleaning today, and the kitchen looks great.  A big part of it was that we’d been slack on taking the recycling and she took care of that today before Billy and Cyra came over.

Cyra brought with her Lily, her dog, plus her new dog, Ted.  Harvey, of course, had a great time with them.  In other dog-related news, I noticed that the brown on Bruce’s snout is a bit faded.  That means he’s getting older, and that makes me sad.

Zach Dotsey