Last.  Night.  Was.  Miserable.

I can’t tell you what times I was up and down, but I can tell you that no person in this house got a decent night of sleep last night.  Milly would not go to sleep and would cry any time you put her down.  I won’t lie- Amanda and I got snippy with each other through it all, we were so tired and exhausted.  I ended up volunteering to sleep on the floor in the nursery, hoping Milly would snuggle up and fall asleep with me.  Amanda threw down some blankets for me and I got some pillows, but instead of falling asleep, Milly decided it would be more fun to go around the room and pull out as many things to play with as she could.

I eventually tried putting her in the crib, which made her cry, of course.  I ended up cradling her in my arms and rocking her a bit, which she initially fought.  After a while, and it seemed like forever, she started nodding off and let me put her down.  It reminded me of when she was brand new and I’d do that after would Amanda finish feeding her late at night.

I didn’t leave the room then, though.  The nursery door sticks a little to the frame and the hinges are usually noisy.  I didn’t want to risk awakening the monster so I curled back up on my makeshift bed.  Our cat, Mr. Cobblepott, had sneaked into the room and curled up behind my legs to help keep me warm.

I woke up hearing Milly fussing a little later.  I rocked her back to sleep again (not taking nearly as long this time) and before I could even get back down on the floor I heard Amanda’s alarm go off.  I was afraid it would wake Milly up, but it didn’t.  At that point I went ahead and got back in my own bed, where I stayed until about 8:30 when Amanda called to see how things were going.  She said that given how much sleep our baby didn’t get last night I was probably fine to leave her for a little longer.  I got up to email Scott, my boss, that I’d probably be starting work a little late then went back to sleep.

I was actually up shortly after 9:00 because Milly, who normally gets up and eats at 8:00, was letting me know it was time for her to get up.  She was pretty good, actually, for a while.  She was very snotty and drooly though, and maybe a bit warm.  We’re going with our initial guess: teething.

Last night was definitely the worst night she’s had so far.  We’ve been spoiled by the fact that Milly’s been sleeping through the night since about seven weeks and we haven’t had to go through a lot of stuff other parents do.  The early days took some adjusting, but I’m certain it was never as bad as last night was.

I was thinking of trying to take a nap at some point during the day, but I ended up having too much to do.  I worked a little late, but towards the end of the day I was having a really hard time concentrating.

Amanda gave Milly a bath while I was finishing my work, which she enjoyed, but she got fussy again after that.  It was only a little after 7:00 but we went ahead and tried to feed her, but she wasn’t having it so we put her to bed, which actually worked.  We watched an episode of V then got Milly back up to eat.  She didn’t want much of her formula, but she did eat a lot of baby food and a few puffs, one of which she shared with Bruce.

She went back down to sleep pretty easily then Amanda went to bed.  I will be in bed soon myself.  As I type this I’m watching the McDonald’s High School All-American game.  Kyrie Irving and Harrison Barnes are playing.  Obviously I’m going for Kyrie’s team, since he’ll be Duke’s point guard next year, and I’m going against Barnes’ team, since he made everyone think he was going to Duke before choosing to go to Carolina.  Barnes is leading all scorers at the half, but Kyrie’s team is winning.  Not that it matter much in an All-Star game.

Zach Dotsey