Amanda and I watched a little TV after putting Milly to bed, including the end of the NIT Championship game, which the Tar Heels (the team with more McDonald All-Americans than any other team in the country) lost to the Dayton Flyers 79-68.  Their season, which has the second most losses ever for Carolina, has mercifully come to an end.  It’s almost a shame they lost- I might have bought a Carolina NIT Championship shirt.  It would have been fun to wear around and have a Duke fan come up and say something to me about it.  Whatever they said, I’d reply, “I’m a Duke fan.”  Then I think they’d have a good laugh about me wearing that shirt.

Maybe I can get a Carolina NIT Runner-Up shirt.  That might be just as good.

I will say this- the Heels did pull it together a bit in the post-season.  Depending on who stays and if the incoming class actually lives up to their billing this year, they could be a decent team next year.  I doubt they’ll be title contenders, but they’ll be improved.  They couldn’t be much worse.

Amanda and I were both in bed early last night.  As I was closing my eyes I thought about any number of horror movies where the protagonist knows that the night will bring terror, but they are unable to do anything to stop what’s coming.  It came for us just after midnight.

Milly woke crying loudly so I went to go check on her.  I tried to soothe her.  I tried talking to her, cradling her, hanging out near her.  I tried everything I could think of, and she would not go back to sleep.  Eventually I tried to sleep on the floor on the makeshift bed of blankets I slept on the night before.  She was fine with that for a while, but then started fussing because, I’m guessing, she couldn’t see me.  At some point Amanda said she was heading to the guestroom.  It’s literally the furthest room in the house from the nursery- down the stairs and on the opposite end of the house.

Milly started crying again.  Finally, I picked up her and cradled her again, but she wasn’t closing her eyes.  To make sure I did it long enough I sang a couple songs in my head.  I finally put her back down.  And she turned over, started crying and got to her feet.

“I’m done,” I muttered, turning off the lights, pulling the door shut behind me and grabbing my pillows to go join Amanda.  I have no idea when Milly fell asleep.  I imagined her crying all through the night and into the morning, which wasn’t something I wanted to think about.

I vaguely heard a noise before the alarm in the guest room went off to wake Amanda up.  She got up quick and ran upstairs, saying something about an alarm.  She’d not thought to turn off the upstairs alarm and was afraid it would wake Milly up, and that’s what the noise I heard before I was falling asleep was.

The rest of my day went alright, though I still had trouble focusing.  Milly is still snotty, but she seems to be doing a bit better.  Amanda picked up a stuffed duck that has lavender in it that can be heated up in the microwave.  It’s supposed to help babies sleep better.

After Milly’s afternoon nap we packed up and went to the Frazelles’.  Amanda, Milly, Anna and Kirsten went out on the beach, but I was way too busy and stayed in to work.  I’ve got so much work to do right now.  I was hoping to get decently caught up by 5 so I could go out and catch some of the little longboard waves that were out there, but that was a no-go.

Anyway, we ate French toast for dinner, all of the aforementioned plus Barry.  Hannah was out with friends, but she was there earlier and back before we left.  Milly started getting fussy so we came home, fed her and put her to bed.  When we put her down and finished praying for her she decided to stand up and fuss, but we left her and she was quiet before long.  Hopefully that holds up.  I’ll find out within a few hours or I’ll sleep through the night and find out in the morning.

Zach Dotsey