It wasn’t the best day for Amanda’s side of the family.  This morning, her grandfather’s niece called to say that they were going to move his sister, Aunt Chick, to a nursing home.  Aunt Chick had Alzheimer’s.  I say had because Earl got a call about 15 minutes later with news that she’d passed away.  I called Earl to let him know I was thinking of him and to give my condolences and he thanked me, but he also expressed concern that that would happen to him one day.  I think his mother and brother also had Alzheimer’s.  He’s at peace with his sister’s passing though.

In addition to that, Pierre, Amanda’s grandmother’s sister’s husband, got confirmation today that he has a form of cancer.  Pierre and Joanne opened their house to me before the rest of the family had even met me, and I’ve always liked Pierre.  He’s quiet but funny and is always into the latest gadgets, which reminds me a little of Pup Pup, my mom’s dad.  I really hope he’s able to beat this thing.  I hate cancer.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Milly decided to do the “wake up and cry unless someone stays in the room with me” thing again last night.  I was still up and Amanda was trying to fall asleep, though she was coughing a lot.  After my second unsuccessful attempt to get Milly to stay down Amanda decided to go ahead on down to the guestroom.  I put Milly down a third time just before I went to bed myself and told Amanda that I was going to try to sleep upstairs because she was coughing so much, but that if Milly didn’t quiet down soon I’d join her.  Lucky for me, Milly did quiet down shortly after I got in bed, so I got to avoid both the cries and the coughs.

Amanda told me later that she saw every hour on the clock.  She was beat when she got home and went to lie on the couch as soon as she got in, and there she stayed pretty much until she went to bed.  She did say that she spent a little time on the floor in the nursery.

I had a meeting this afternoon that went pretty well and I’ve got another one tomorrow morning.  There have been a lot of sales leads lately, that’s for sure.  In the last two days I’ve sent out proposals for three sites and will be working on another one tomorrow, scheduled two meetings and followed up on one more lead.  It’s pretty fun when things are hopping like that, so long as there’s breathing room once the actual work starts.

Zach Dotsey