I heard some good news regarding Pierre tonight from Karen.  She said that instead of going through chemo he’ll be able to take a pill that should keep the cancer at bay.  That definitely beats other possibilities.

I ended up doing a bit of running around today.  I had a meeting this morning, and not long after I got back from that Scott reminded me that it was payday, so I went back out to get my check.  I stopped by the Boscaljon house to pick up a thing from Kaitlyn for Amanda then went on my merry way, but by that time it was lunchtime on a Friday in Wilmington, and traffic was pretty bad.  On top of that, when I got to where I get my check I was told it hadn’t been printed yet, so I came back a little bit later.  Anyway, between all that and several phone calls, I didn’t get to finish the three project scopes (proposals, basically) that I wanted to get out today.

Amanda’s still coughing.  She went out and got some Mucinex today, but that doesn’t seem to have done the job either, really.

Milly has been really fun lately.  I think I’ve already said this, but she’s so happy so much of the time, and she’s so entertaining to watch.  She won’t sit still for us to read much right now though.  That’s been going on for several days.  We usually read to her before she goes to bed, and she’ll crawl over to me and Amanda when she sees that we’ve got a book, but she loses interest pretty quickly.  It is what it is.

I’ve started tucking her in with her blanket when we put her to sleep.  I guess it tickles her, because she laughs every time I do it.

I think I forgot to mention this, but she’s been making “d” sounds for a week or two now, which means she’ll kind of say “dada” now and them.  My favorite sound talking sound that she makes though is still the one when she just keeps sticking her tongue out while talking.  It’s sort of a “le-dl-le-dl-le-dl.”

Zach Dotsey