Milly is a total daddy’s girl.  She was sitting on the bamboo floor this afternoon and fell back, smacking her head on the hardwood floor.  Amanda picked up her and and she was screaming, but then she saw me and reached for me.  She stopped screaming as soon as she was in my arms.  Drama queen.  (Yeah, sure, a part of me loves it.)

Amanda and I considered sleeping in just a little and going to the 11:00 service at Port City Community Church this morning, but that’s during one of Milly’s usual nap times so we (I, first, which is a bit of a departure from the Sunday norm) got up and got ready.  The series at church right now is a really good one.  The title is “Collide” and it’s about your life colliding with God.

After church we  picked up some breakfast from Atlanta Bread.  Amanda ran in and got it while I talked to my mom about next weekend on the phone.  She’s going to fly in to RDU instead of ILM because it’s significantly less expensive.  She also said they want to help us get things for the cookout.  She told me a certain amount and asked if that would help, and I was like, “Um, yeah that will help.  That should cover just about everything we need to get!”

Once we got home Milly went down for a nap and Amanda and I ate breakfast while watching The Soup and Saturday Night Live.  We got Milly up to feed her then Amanda went to return a couple things and get some other things.  Meanwhile, I kept almost falling asleep while trying to watch Milly.  She finally started wiping her eyes so I put her down then went to take a nap in he bedroom myself.

Amanda was home when I woke up and eventually I made my way to the office and finally filed our taxes.  At least it’s not the very last minute, right?  We’re getting a good bit back this year, and when I asked Amanda what she wanted to do with out $XXXX, she said the same thing I did, which was to get rid of the Oldsmobile and see about buying something else.  We really want to get something a little bigger for long trips and times we’re going somewhere with friends like Nick and Amy, since we can’t fit both of our families into one regular-sized car.

We got the book and study guide for our new small group study with a little help from a friend.  It’s called Love & War by John and Stasi Eldredge, and Amanda is reading it right now.  It’ll require a little more homework and prep than previous studies, but hopefully that will make it that much more effective.

Zach Dotsey