For a while I’ve been trying to teach her the sign for “more” when I’m feeding her.  You take your hands and kind of tap your fingertips together.  When I’m showing her I usually am holding a spoon with baby food on it, so I’ll hold the end of that in my mouth then make the sign, say, “More,” then take her hands and do the same.  Well, she’s kind of picking up on it.  When I put the spoon handle in my mouth she’ll reach for my hands and put them together.  It’s so cute!  She started doing that a day or two ago.

Milly was good for me today.  I’ve come to expect that I’ll be half-useless on Mondays, but she kept herself entertained and had a couple long naps, so I actually had a pretty productive day today.  I’ve got a pretty busy week on tap, too, I think.  A meeting tomorrow, a meeting Wednesday, a project scope to write, get reviewed and send out, a bit of design work to hopefully get done tomorrow, Bruce to the vet (also tomorrow, though Amanda’s taking care of that), Milly’s baby video Friday, folks in town Friday, baby dedication service on Saturday, family and friends over for a cookout….  Not all just work, but that is a lot of work.

That was tangential.

I’m ready for Amanda to not be sick anymore.  She’s getting better every day, but she’s not 100%.

I worked in the kitchen for the heck of it today, and Bruce, Harvey and even Cobb kept wanting to go outside and come back in.  Seemed constant.  Cobb hasn’t gone outside much since we moved into this house a few years ago and he’s gone out even less since he mysteriously lost his collar.  I’d like to find it again, or get him a new one, because I think it would cut down on him scratching things in here like the couches and the steps.  It might also help with his occasional errant pees.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it yesterday and I’m too lazy to look it up, and I can’t remember if I discovered it yesterday or today, but Milly’s got six teeth now.  Well, she’s got four full teeth, the top and bottom middle ones, and she’s got one the one on the top to the left of center is coming on down.  You can tell that the one to the right is just about to poke out.  She’s been handling it well.

When Milly was having so much trouble sleeping for a bit I found that it helped to tuck her in really tight with her blankets.  For some reason over the past few days she’s started to find this to be really funny.  I don’t know if it tickles her or what, but she almost always laughs (and at least smiles) when I do it.  It also makes it so that she laughs when I kiss her or put the lavender-filled duck next to her.

Duke won the 2010 NCAA Championship a week ago tonight.  Just saying.

Zach Dotsey