Have I mentioned yet that Amanda won the tournament pool we were in?  How awesome is that?  (And how much will that help us with the cookout this weekend?)  The cool thing is that it was going to be either me or her who won it, depending on the outcome of the championship game, and I’m definitely glad she won it.  I had Duke losing the final game to Kansas and Amanda had Duke winning the whole shebang.  Out of however many million people filled out a bracket on ESPN, Amanda ranked 160,167th, beating out 96.6% of entrants.  (I know, I could figure out the total using those numbers.)  In the bracket I submitted for the pool, I was 350,893rd (92.7%), but in my optimistic bracket (which I filled out but didn’t submit to a pool), which was basically the same as my other bracket but had Duke winning, I was 16,778th, beating 99.6% of entrants.  That’s pretty impressive, if I do so say myself.  Too bad I didn’t have as much faith in my team as Amanda did.  Not that it ultimately mattered, I guess.  Our house brought home a little extra cheese regardless.

Crap, I just realized that I forgot to call my parents.  Not only is it Tax Day, but, more importantly, it’s their 33rd anniversary.  Well, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Milly gave us another round of the uncontrollable cries last night.  It started around 2:00 and, skipping all the stuff I did to try to get her to go back to sleep, Amanda and I ended up in the guestroom again at 3:00.  I woke up half an hour late this morning as a result.  No biggie.

Amanda went to a clothing swap this evening with Amy Warkentien, Alysse Cuthbert (Amy’s sister, who arrived in town yesterday for a visit), Cyra Sherburn and Allison Mason.  They all met over here and Amanda drove them to it.  It was apparently a pretty big to-do and a lot of girls were there.  The way it works is that everybody gets a bunch of clothes they don’t need or want anymore and they take it someplace then everyone chooses what they want and whatever is left over is donated to charity.  Pretty cool idea, really.  Amanda took two trash bags full of clothes and came back with one.

In the meantime, Milly and I hung out at the house.  Actually, it was mostly me on my own, because Milly was sleepy soon after all the girls left and took a nap.  She hasn’t taken evening naps much lately, but she was up for a while last night.

Nick Warkentien and Greg Mason were going to come over, but Greg had a rough day and Eli was really fussy, so I stayed here with Milly (who I really only saw when I was feeding her), Bruce, Harvey and Cobb, who was scarce because I also had Lily and Ted, Cyra’s dogs.  Nick called me later and we played some MarioKart online, which, I must admit, he whipped me in pretty good.  In my defense, it’s hard to come back when you get two or three lightning clouds in a row as your power up and you’re already behind.  I hate the lightning clouds.  Worst power ups ever.  I’d say they cost me two or three races.

On the subject of dogs, Harvey was driving me crazy tonight.  He was excited to have some friends over to play with (Bruce was less so, as Ted is young and inquisitive), but he was so obnoxious.  If I let him outside he’d bark constantly and when he was inside he and Teddy were going at it.  They were playing, but they kept running into things and such.  Ted wasn’t bad though- he behaved while he was outside.  Bruce just wanted to be away from the commotion and I think Lily missed her momma.  She was very sweet and snugly and stayed by my side when she wasn’t outside playing.

Amanda finally felt better today!  Unfortunately, whatever it was she had she apparently gave it to her mom last week because Karen, who I talked to this evening, was pretty hoarse and said she’d felt awful this week.

Zach Dotsey