Where did the time go this evening?  After work, Amanda, Milly and I packed into the car and went to Costco to buy supplies for tomorrow’s cookout.  We got a crapload of burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, green beans, sodas, a case of beer, chips and stuff to make some homemade mac & cheese.  On top of that Amanda made an excess of cupcakes for her jewelry party last week so there would be plenty for tomorrow.

After all that we stopped by Chick-fil-A to pick up some dinner, went home and I unloaded the car while Amanda put stuff away.  The trickiest part of that was keeping Milly off the door so she wouldn’t fall when I came in or keeping her out of the dog food and water bowl.

After all that Amanda went out to grab a couple other things, such as ketchup, since we didn’t need three giant bottles (which was all Costco had an an option) and I swept the porch.  I let Milly crawl around on the porch while I was doing that, which I think was the first time she’s been given (somewhat) free range to move around outside our house.

My parents arrived right around 8:00, so we let Milly stay up just a little bit later than usual so they could play with her.  She was really shy around her Pap at first, but he had her laughing in no time.  Her Mum Mum read Goodnight, Moon to her before she went to sleep.  My mom was very interactive with her, pointing at things on the pages and asking Milly about them, but Milly’s attention span while reading isn’t what it once was so, cute as that was, it didn’t last long.

My brother, Adam, showed up shortly after my parents did.  Amanda and my mom made hamburger patties and eventually all five of us just sat around in the living room, talking.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  We’ll start the day off dedicated our baby to God and then celebrate with friends and family.

Zach Dotsey