Small group was enjoyable tonight.  We were down two couples and really didn’t do much besides sitting around and talking, but it was a good night.  Felix, Joel and Mia’s baby, really seems to get bigger every time I see him.  I guess that’s just the way babies are.

My day went fine as well.  Not too much to report, except that I’m hoping to close another project or two by the end of next week.

Milly’s really upset right now.  She didn’t nap well this afternoon, but Kirsten reported that she was real sweet for her and that she played well tonight.  She woke up about half an hour ago, crying.  After a bit of it I went in, checked and changed her diaper and put her back down to sleep.  Milly seemed fine and tired and gave not a peep for a bit, but she started crying loudly again just a little bit ago.

Amanda has moved on downstairs, and if Milly keeps on like she is right now, I’ll be joining her.

I don’t know what the deal is.  She slept all through the night for months and months since she was only a few weeks old, but lately it’s a crap shoot whether she’ll wake up screaming or not.  Maybe she’s got another tooth coming in, I don’t know.  I guess this is what parents usually go through with babies, but it’s just not something we’re accustomed to.

Zach Dotsey