Amanda was feeding Milly today when she noticed that after every bite of baby food she gave her, she would shake herself from side to side, making it look like she was shaking her head “no”.  She kept doing it off and on for a while and at one point, while she was sitting in her highchair, I asked her, “Milly, do you have a chunky face?”  She’d then shake herself and I’d say, “I think you do.”  Then she’d shake herself again.  It was cute.

I also played some peek-a-boo with her this afternoon.  I’d cover my face with my hands and wouldn’t move them until she tried to pull them off, and after I said, “Peek-a-boo!” she’d try to eat my nose.  Seriously, every time.  I don’t know where that came from, but it was so adorable.

Amanda spent some time today going through some more clothes to get rid of.  I’d forgotten that our closet had a carpeted floor.

After I finished up some work this evening the three of us went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Milly seemed kind of bored with it.

Amanda will be getting off work a little early tomorrow so she’d going to head over to the DMV to get her driver’s license renewed.  That should be a lot of fun, especially since it seems like I’ve heard of several people lately having to wait about three hours.  When Amanda and I first moved to Wilmington and had to get our address changed, we went to the one on Carolina Beach Road, which was really close to the house we were renting in Sunset Park.  It was great- there was literally no wait and all the DMV employees chatted with us and were really nice.  When I got mine renewed a couple years ago it took a little while but it definitely wasn’t three hours.

Several days ago an un-spellable and unpronounceable volcano erupted in Iceland.  It was so big and there was so much trash in the air that air services all across Europe were shut down.  The airlines lost scads of money and people got stuck wherever they were.  Planes are finally cleared again, but people are still predicted to be backlogged for weeks.  It also messed up a lot of industries dependent on international trade and shipping, but it did boost alternate forms of trade, such as shipping and rail.  So there’s that I guess.

Zach Dotsey