Amy left her phone here last night (along with a hat and Nick’s iPod).  Her phone rang this morning and I saw that it was her dad, whom I’ve met, so I answered to tell him that she left it and that he should try Nick’s phone.  Well, he had some really bad news.  Amy’s grandfather had not been doing well, which I picked up on yesterday.  Amy was actually supposed to catch a flight home in the next week to go see him, but he passed away this morning.

Amy’s dad called back a few minutes later and said he couldn’t get them on Nick’s phone, so I decided I’d take her phone on back over there and make sure they were able to talk.  By the time I got there though, Amy’s dad had gotten through on Nick’s phone.

Make sure to keep Amy and her family in your prayers.

It was another rough Milly night.  Amanda got up and tried to soothe her this time, but she couldn’t bring herself to put Milly back in the crib all upset and such, so I stayed up with her a little longer while Amanda got our pillows and headed downstairs.  She was still calm when I headed down, but it was late and I was tired so I didn’t want to stick around to see if she’d change her mind and get upset again.

It is the teeth, by the way.  I was able to catch a glimpse today and it looks like some more are coming in.  I can’t wait for all that to be over.

On a different note, for a while we’ve been trying to schedule Matt Davis of Lifestage Films to come take a video of Milly.  (We’d had issues with timing and so had Matt- it just took us some time to get it in sync.)  Amanda and I won a random drawing back in December to have a baby video made and we were finally able to do it today.  That was pretty fun.  It was mostly shot in the nursery.  Amanda and I were interviewed a bit, but I thought of more to say after everything had wrapped up than I did during the process.  Either way, I really look forward to seeing the finished product.  It’ll be a bit, since it’s a freebie and it’s a marketing tool for Lifestage as much as it is anything else, but Matt does a great job and it should be pretty nice.

Amanda offered to cook dinner for Nick and Amy tonight, but they already had something in the works, so we just joined them.  After dinner we played Puerto Rico again, and this time I won.  It was pretty close between me and Amanda- 54 to 51 I believe.  After that we just chatted for a bit.  I think I was in and out of consciousness a bit, but after getting up and moving around (read: picking up Milly, getting in the car and driving home), I got a bit of a second wind.  It’s starting to fade now though, and I think I’ll be in bed before long.

Zach Dotsey