Milly let us sleep until 9 this morning, which was nice.

Our original plan for today was to go to Wrightsville Beach, but we ended up going to Lewis Farm first.  Amanda had talked to Anna about going to the beach, but Anna had to take Scout to the vet because he was bleeding (a split claw, like the one Harvey had a while back) and she and Kirsten were planning on going out to Lewis Farm afterwards.  So we met up with them there before going to Wrightsville.

Milly had a lot of fun.  She didn’t pick any strawberries herself, but she did try some, along with some dirt, though she didn’t seem too fond of either.  She got dirt all over- on her hands, legs, feet, face and butt.  Anna bought us all ice cream too.  Milly tried some of Amanda’s chocolate ice cream and loved it.  She didn’t get much though.

After that we went to the Frazelle house.  It wasn’t bad out, but it wasn’t quite as nice as we thought it would be so aside from walking out with Barry in the early evening to see what the water was looking like, we didn’t go out there.  We ended up hanging out around the house watching Sherlock Holmes (a lot of the action and dialog of which I quite enjoyed, though the pace could have gone a little faster early on) then eating dinner.  Milly behaved herself nicely, even when we were eating.  She kept us pretty entertained, too.

By the time we got home it was time to feed and bathe Milly then put her to bed.  Amanda and I spent some time together, watched Community and The Office then she went to bed.

Overall, I’d say this was a really nice day for my family.

Zach Dotsey