Amanda and I got up, got ready, then got Milly up and got her ready then went to Port City Community Church this morning, as we do most every Sunday morning.  When we dropped Milly off at Grow Zone I hung back for a second because she was being deposited in a group with two other baby girls, and I wanted to see if she interacted with them and how.  I was hurried on down the hall though, to make sure she wouldn’t look up and see me and get upset.

It was rainy this morning, and the rest of the day was mostly overcast and very windy, so we stayed inside and caught up on some shows on the DVR until Barry called me a little after 4 to say he was going out surfing, so I headed out myself to join him.

The waves were pretty big, and it wasn’t really all that hard to get out.  It was pretty crowded out though, and very windy.  It seemed to take no time at all to go from the last lifeguard stand near the jetty to somewhat close to the pier.  There were lots of barrels and guys doing tricks.  (I wasn’t one of them.)  I caught a few waves and rode one in when I got close enough to the pier for my liking.  I walked back up to access 39, which is the access we always use from Anna and Barry’s place and about the midpoint of that strand of beach.  At that point, having not surfed for a while and really fighting the wind, which was having a fun time with my 7’6″ board, I sat on the bench at the access and tried to muster up the will to go back out.  Eventually though, I just went on back to the house.

Once I’d hosed and showered off, I went up to talk to Anna and Kirsten for a few minutes.  (Hannah was napping.)  Barry came in before I headed off too.  We talked about plans for the next few weeks, including babysitting schedule, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Amanda’s birthday.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up apple juice (which Amanda’s had a taste for for some time now), bread and some formula.  It turned out that Amanda had wanted me to pick up some baby food, not formula, but since I knew we were low on the formula that’s what was in my head.  We’ve got enough baby food to cover tomorrow though.

Milly was in an up and down mood today.  She napped a lot, but she was pretty happy at times.  Before I left to go surfing, Amanda saw that there was a thing on with 30 short films from Pixar, and when Boundin’ came on I picked Milly up and bounced her to it, which she enjoyed.  And when I was gone Amanda said that Milly discovered that a little ball she has can bounce, so she bounced it and would go after it, which was apparently hilarious to her.

I talked to Baba on the way home from church.  She sounded well.  She’s notorious for not talking on the phone very long though, and this call lasted two minutes, forty seconds.

I also talked to Joey Palieri today.  He’s been trying to call me lately, but he always calls at the wrong time and I forget to call him back.  Anyway, I remembered to call him back today.  He congratulated me on Milly then told me that he’s got a 15 month old son.  It was good to catch up with him.

Zach Dotsey