I finally picked up a few of the magazines commemorating Duke’s NCAA Championship today.  As a result, I was feeling some, as Amanda put it on her Facebook status, basketball withdrawal.  To ease the pain, I decided to watch Duke’s Senior Night game, wherein they beat Carolina by a score equal to my current age, which also happens to be the number on Christian Laettner’s retired jersey.  That helped.

Milly was fussier for me today than she has been most Mondays going back a while.  I wonder if she’s hitting a growth spurt, because she was very hungry today.  I gave her seven and eight ounces of formula for two of her feedings and she guzzled it all down then went on to eat plenty of baby food beyond that.

It wasn’t all bad though.  She was very talkative today, making all kinds of noises.  And at one point, since it was really nice out and I wasn’t getting any work done with her being as fussy as she was, I decided to take her for a walk.  Our recycling was getting a bit out of hand, so I set up the stroller and started sorting the recycling.  Milly was fussing while I did that and when I went to look in on her she was next to the stroller and I got a sense that she wanted to get in it.  I put her in and she immediately quieted down.

So we walked up to the grocery store with most of the recyclables stashed in the compartment under the stroller and me carrying one bag.  Milly got to learn about recycling and was admired by a couple older ladies who were there as well.  After that we went into the Lowe’s Food to get a few things (including the NCAA Championship Commemorative magazines).

Bruce was sitting on the couch next to me just now, scratching at me, which is his way of requesting to be covered up by a blanket.  Since the blanket he usually has available is waiting to be washed, I just grabbed a t-shirt of mine from the clean clothes pile and threw it over him, which appears to be doing the trick.

On the subject of laundry, we’re about two or three loads from being totally caught up and having a completely clear closet floor, which is pretty exciting.  We’ve got a general system laid out now where I’ll wash and dry a load in the morning and Amanda will put it away during one of Milly’s naps.  It’s obviously working out.

Zach Dotsey