Iron Man 2Amanda and I went to see Iron Man 2 this evening for a date night.  It was the first movie we saw together since Avatar.  It was really nice to get out and spend some time together and we both enjoyed the movie.  After the movie was over we stopped by Starbucks.  Amanda either forgot to ask for an ice mocha or they forgot to ice it, but either way we ended up with a free mocha, and since I don’t drink that stuff we gave it to Kirsten, who came over to watch Milly tonight, when we got home.

Kirsten said she spent the whole time with Milly outside because she’d fuss when she brought her in.  I’ve gotten to where I spend a bit of time outside with her every morning.  For a while we would just sit on the porch swing, but she doesn’t seem as entertained by that anymore.

It starts off with a game called “Milly Points”.  While I’m holding her, she points and I take her in that direction.  It generally starts with her pointing to the front door, where she then reaches for the handle.  She can’t open it yet, but she knows what it’s for.  From there she points in different directions and I take her to look at things, like trees or bushes or the Duke flag that’s still hanging out front.  I even sat her on a tree branch today.  While Milly’s pointing she’ll sometimes make a “deh” sound, which to me sounds like she’s saying “that” or “there”.

Milly also spent some time outside today when Amanda filled up the kiddie pool and we set her in it.  She really enjoyed it and splashed around for a good while.  She was so cute in her little bikini, splashing and crawling around and playing with some toys.

I remembered to call Baba today while Milly was having lunch.  Milly made a few noises for her great-grandmother (and middle name’s namesake), but she tends to get transfixed by a phone when she’s presented with one.  Of course, shortly after the phone was hung up she was babbled on like usual.

After we got home tonight Amanda and I watched some Thursday night NBC TV.  Her nose was stuffy tonight so she’s hoping she’s not coming down with a cold.  Milly appears to just be getting over one.

Zach Dotsey