If you’re reading this on May 13, you might notice that I am getting caught up on my posts, since I’ve written everything from Amanda’s 30th birthday and first Mother’s Day up to today, tonight.  I did make notes, but between being tired lately and the internet being weird one night, I’m just now getting current.  That means any diehard fans out there should be glad.  And there must be a few of you out there- I had a year-to-date high 735 unique visitors on this site last month, though I’m going to go out on a limb and say that part of it had to do with my write-ups of Duke’s success around that time.  How come so few of you people ever actually leave comments?  Come on, people- let me know who the heck is reading all about my life!

Doubt that’ll get a response.

Anyway, today was mostly filled up with me doing a couple of arduous updates.  Nothing to complain about, really, but they just weren’t as fun as doing designs, creating graphics, that sort of thing.

Milly was intrigued by her kiddie pool, which was sitting again a wall in the kitchen, so I put it down in the living room and sat in it with her (without any water, obviously).  She was pretty apprehensive about it at first, but she was having fun in it after a minute, especially when I put one of her toy baskets in there with her.  I went on to eat some breakfast and the next thing I know she’s somehow out of it, which is surprising because the walls of it are probably half as tall as she is.  I mean, I know it’s bendy plastic, but still, I was taken aback.  Later in the day, Amanda noticed that Milly was in the pool and asked if I’d put her in it, which I hadn’t.  Then she saw Milly get back out of it and said she just climbed over the side, stepping over it.  She seems to climb on things and keep her balance pretty well.

I took a break from work around 5:30 to walk to the store with my girls then worked for a little while more afterwards before calling it quits for the day.  Amanda and I tried to watch Friday Night Lights, which just returned for a new season this past Friday.  The DVR didn’t get it for some reason, but it was on On Demand.  As much as I really like that show, I don’t see how any school would fire a coach after getting to the state championship two years in a row (and winning once), even if he is butting heads with a guy who is donating a lot of money to the school.

So they’ve got Coach Taylor in exile at the crappy rinky-dink rundown East Dillon High with an inexperienced team and not even a full roster for his football team.  It’ll be interesting to see how far down they let him sink and when they choose to give East Dillon something to be excited about.  The obvious thing would be to have them win against Dillon, the school Taylor came from, but I could see the writers letting East Dillon get eaten up in that game halfway through the season too.

It’s really a great show, and it’s not just all about football.

Anyway, I said we tried to watch because we kept having phone calls or people coming to the door.  One of the visits was two people though.  Bonnie, our neighbor, had told us about another Milly in the neighborhood (although she’s a Millie), and she and her mom stopped by tonight.  They’d been taking care of the kids at their church and Bonnie told them they should just stop by and introduce themselves.  We told Millie to come by sometime and we’d introduce her to our Milly.  She apparently likes kids and would love to babysit.

After FNL we watched Fringe.  I’m really looking forward to the next episode, where alternate Walter meets his son, Peter.

Milly was crying very loudly tonight.  We went and checked on her but we couldn’t really make her happy, so after changing a wet diaper we put her back down and just let her cry it out.  She eventually fell asleep, but Amanda decided to sleep downstairs, just in case.  She’s been quiet for a while and since I sleep with a pillow over my head (and don’t notice her crying at night as much), I might just go upstairs.  I haven’t decided yet.

Amanda and I are planning to go see Iron Man 2 tomorrow.  I mentioned it in passing on our walk and she said she had thought about it.  I called Kirsten to see if she was up for babysitting and she said she’d check at first, but then she said that we could go ahead and count on her for it.  She sure does love some Milly.  I mean, she really loves that baby.  It’s so funny, because she never seemed all that excited about Amanda being pregnant (not that she was indifferent) and she was downright scared to hold Milly at first.  But she sure does adore her little cousin now.

Zach Dotsey