Amanda and I have talked for a while about getting a little plastic kiddie pool for Milly.  The girl loves playing in water.  She about emptied the dogs’ water bowl on herself playing with it.

In light of that, while I was out picking up and depositing my paycheck, I decided to stop by Toys R Us to pick one up.  I got one for $7, which I thought was pretty good.  I had a bit of a time fitting it into the car, but between moving the car seat to the trunk and the fact that the pool was somewhat flexible, I managed.

We were missing a couple couples from small group tonight, but it was a good night anyway.  We had a lot of discussion on what constitutes an “adventure” to all the individuals in the group.  Just like last week, it’s funny to see how, generally, one person in each couple has a similar opinion to someone else, and usually not their own spouse.  Reading that, it sounds almost sinister, but I don’t at all mean it that way.  It’s really just interesting.

Milly was a bit fussy when we left her with Kirsten, but Kirsten said she was good for her, though she did wake up around 9:00 and stayed up for a little bit.  I think Kirsten just can’t stand to hear her little cousin cry.  Milly often wakes up briefly and cries early in the night, but we usually just let it go until it’s particularly emphatic.

We watched Lost after we got home, even though both of us were really tired.  It’s hard to believe there are only two episodes left, even if the finale will be two and a half hours long.

Zach Dotsey