Milly’s had a bit of a rash lately, but it was pretty bad today.  It was very red and all over her diapered parts.  It seemed to be causing her some pain, too, because she cried every time I changed her diaper today.

Despite that, I had a pretty productive day at work today, particularly for a Monday.  Milly had some good times and some bad times, but she was really entertaining this evening.  She was babbling on to herself, playing, dancing and standing a good bit on her own.

Amanda tried to get me to do some stuff by pulling a birth month and Mother’s Day month card on me.  I told her that wouldn’t fly, silly girl.  Seriously though, we both felt pretty wiped today.  I even went to bed the same time as Amanda last night, which is very rare, but I was still just beat at the end of the day.

Zach Dotsey