Happy birthday to my wife, who joined me in that sage and divine decade of age, the thirties, today.

As well, happy Mother’s Day to my wife, who, thanks to our nearly eleven month old Milly, celebrated her first Mother’s Day today.  And of course, happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my grandma, my mother-in-law, my grandmother-in-law and all the other mothers out there.  I talked to all those ladies today, though I didn’t get to talk to my mom for long because she was working and her phone was nearly dead.  Baba was pretty chatty when I talked to her, which is a little rare.  Crap, I just remembered that I didn’t call her back to hear Milly.

So we started the day off by going to church, although we were a little late leaving the house because I couldn’t find my shoes.  It turned out that Karen thought my Rainbows were hers and they were in the guest room, which isn’t a place I’d have at all thought to look.  We were the furthest back in the Grow Zone line that we’d ever been because we’re usually very early.  It’s all good though, because the little boy in front of us was very entertaining.  He told his mom that later on he was going to beat his dad at MarioKart and his dad was going to beat her.  A few minutes later he wanted to show Karen his spider bite, so he turned around and started to pull down the back of his pants before his parents stopped him.

The service was really good, continuing a series about idols in our life.  Early on in the service though, there was, of course, a shout out to the moms at the service that everyone enjoyed.  You can see it here starting at about the 2:30 mark.

Amanda’s dad, who had just gotten back from a fishing trip yesterday, was planning on joining us at church, but sleeping in a real bed for the first time in many days kept him in bed longer than he planned so he met us for breakfast at Atlanta Bread after church.  After that he rode home with me and Milly while Amanda and Karen went to Costco.

We all spent some time getting ready for people to come over to celebrate Amanda’s first Mother’s Day and 30th birthday as well as Phil’s 60th birthday.  I even made some homemade mac & cheese, which Amanda commended me on.  (The taste, that is.  She commended me on the taste, not the fact that I did it.)  I just didn’t want her to have to make it herself on her birthday.

We had a nice turnout.  In addition to everyone else I’ve already mentioned, Adam, Michael, Peggy and Earl, the Frazelles and Amy and Eli (being a Sunday, Nick was working at the church) all came over.  We ended up with three cakes, too.  Amanda had picked up a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake from Costco, I got a cream cheese one from Lowe’s and Peggy and Earl brought one as well.  Amanda justified it saying that one would be for her birthday, one for her dad’s birthday and one for Mother’s Day.

We all had a nice time and ate outside.  Milly ended up staying up until everyone finished trickling out the door, so she was up a little later than usual.

We were pretty exhausted by the time the house was clear, but we went ahead and watched last night’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Betty White and guest starring a number of past female cast members.  It was an excellent episode.  We watched The Soup too, even though it was past 10:00, Amanda’s normal bedtime, when we finished SNL.  She reasoned that it was her birthday so she could stay up a little later.

Zach Dotsey