We got to Indochine at 4:45 this evening to get a spot for Amanda’s birthday.  I had called the restaurant Tuesday or so to see about reservations, but they said they don’t take those, but they do take call-aheads.  When I told them when I wanted to go, they told me that this Saturday (today) they actually weren’t even taking those due to UNCW’s graduation being today.  So in light of that, we got there early to make sure we’d have a spot, since we had a pretty big party.

It’s a good thing we did get there, too.  There was one family of four in front of us, but the line waiting for Indochine to open was huge by the time the doors did open.  Even though we were second in line, it took them a while to get things set up for us, since I’d requested 13 seats outside (if possible) plus three high chairs.

We had a nice little turnout.  Elliot and Melissa brought Ella Jane, Nick brought Eli (Amy was working tonight, coincidentally at Barry’s partner’s wedding, and Seth’s brother was the photog for it) and Seth and Dana brought Gavin.  Then there was Billy and Cyra, Karen, Michael and Adam, who had remembered my invite for him to come over tomorrow which made him forget about tonight (though he made it well before the food got out) and Amy Farmer, who had a little trouble finding the place.

We enjoyed hanging out with everyone, and I played a little with Gavin.  It was hot outside, which I think eventually got to Milly, but it was also good because the outside area at Indochine is pretty open and very engaging.  It was also good that we had a nice time hanging out because they seemed to be having some trouble in the kitchen or something.  It was after 6:30 before we got our food I think, and some of it was cold.  It’s a shame, because that was the first real experience a few people had at Indochine, and usually it’s top notch.  We didn’t blame the waitress or anything though- she was very good.

Milly didn’t have a great night last night.  She cried a lot, and hard.  After I got to sleep she didn’t bother me, but I sleep with a pillow over my head.  I was more bothered by Harvey, who would make his mooing whine noise because, even though he is perfectly capable of getting into the bed, for some reason he didn’t jump up into it until I pulled up both his front paws onto the bed and boosted one of his back feet.  Anyway, Amanda headed to the guestroom at about 6:00 I think, and Bruce and Harvey followed her there.  Since I wasn’t really bothered by the crying and didn’t feel like getting out of bed I just stayed where I was.

Milly was kind enough to let me sleep until close to 9:00.  Since I knew she had trouble sleeping all night, I let Amanda sleep in and she finally got herself up around 10.  I mowed the lawn after that, which was badly needed despite the last mow being I think only two weeks ago.

I talked to Andra for a while this morning.  I also talked to Aunt Robbie and my dad for a bit later on while Milly and I were sitting out on the porch swing.  Dad’s in Kentucky, spending the weekend with Baba in Kentucky and helping out with stuff around the house.  She’s apparently still seeing Pap, which worries him some.  I have no idea what to make of that.  It doesn’t seem to bother her.  He said sometimes she just sees him and sometimes he’s holding her hand.  He doesn’t say anything, but she said she just doesn’t know what he wants or how to help him.  Pap, for any of you who don’t know, is my grandfather, who died last year.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, came here today and the two of them went out shopping this afternoon for Amanda’s birthday.  Of course, Milly, who stayed with me, ended up with some clothes, too.

Saturday Night Live is on right now.  This episode is hosted by Betty White and is a tribute to women of comedy I do believe.  It’s been pretty good so far.

It just turned tomorrow, and Amanda has just turned 30.  I went to give her a kiss, but she’s pretty out of it.

I just heard Milly and we don’t have a guest room to escape to tonight.  Uh oh.  Maybe it’s just a small, quick cry.

Zach Dotsey